Dress Code

On The Course

Bag tags/Green fee tags must be displayed at all times.
Tee pegs must be used on all tees.
Mobile phones may not be used in the Club House or on the course, except in an emergency.
Members' guests paying concessionary rates may only play the course five times per annum at that rate.

Course and Range Dress Code

Recognised golf shoes must be worn.
Clothing must be smart and clean.
Shirts must have a collar or turtleneck and be tucked into trousers for men or fitted for ladies.
Collarless shirts designed specifically for golf may be worn.
Trousers and shorts must be of a tailored type.
Socks must be worn when wearing tailored shorts.
Knee length, single colour ankle socks or trainer socks are acceptable.

The following are unacceptable:

Denim jeans
Rugby, football shirts and non-tailored shorts.
Cargo trousers, combat, camouflage, or tracksuits.
T-shirts and clothing with non-golfing related slogans other than manufacturers logo.
Trousers tucked into socks other than waterproofs.
Non-golfing sports socks i.e. street- type socks with shorts.
Peak caps worn in reverse.

Clubhouse Dress Code

The dress code is always smart casual.
Socks are not required when wearing sandals or deck shoes.

The following are unacceptable:

Ripped or dirty clothing.
Cargo trousers
Any type of headwear.