Course Closed (updated 18 March at 06:09)
Terms & Conditions
  1. A signed and completed booking form must be returned to the Club Manager within 14 days of a provisional booking made by telephone or email. A non-refundable deposit of £10 per person must accompany the booking form.
  2. The booking is not confirmed until the booking form and deposit is received and the Club Manager has confirmed the booking in writing.
  3. A minimum number of 12 players and diners are required. If actual numbers attending fall below this the society will still be responsible for payment of 12 players and diners.
  4. Final numbers playing and attending must be notified to the Club Manager at least three working days prior to the day. The society will be invoiced for that number. Additional attendees will only be allowed to play or dine at the discretion of the Club Manager.
  5. The organiser should report to the Club Manager upon arrival. Full payment will be required ahead of play.
  6. Whilst handicap certificates are not required, it is the organiser’s responsibility to ensure all players are of a reasonable standard and are aware of the rules and etiquette of the game of golf. In the event of any player failing to meet these expectations or act in a reasonable manner, the player will be asked to vacate the course immediately without having their fee refunded.
  7. All Societies must tee off from the 1st tee. We regret that two tee starts cannot be accommodated.
  8. All players and diners must observe the course and clubhouse rules at all times, which are available on our website at Especially with regard to dress, changing and mobiles phones.
  9. Any Player who believes there is a danger from lightning should discontinue play immediately.
  10. Organisers should ensure that players have adequate and appropriate insurance cover.
  11. Trolleys, if used, must have wide wheels. If you wish to use your own single seat buggy a disclaimer must be signed in the Club Manager’s office prior to play.
  12. Kibworth Golf Club (KGC), nor its agents or servants shall be held responsible for any claims for loss or damage to property or injuries sustained by those visiting the premises or course.
  13. The Society will be held responsible for, and may be requested to pay, in full, any or all damages caused to the property of the Club by any member of the society.
  14. KGC reserves the right to cancel a booking if it is prevented from hosting the day by reasons beyond its control. In the event that the booking is cancelled by KGC, any monies paid will be reimbursed by KGC, and KGC shall not be liable for any other matters whatsoever.

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